I signed up for their internet for what was suppose to be $35 dollars/month.But I have been over charged every single month for the last 4 months.

I called in last month and apparently had 110 dollar charge. I was tired and really didn't want to get into it so I paid off 80. I got my bill for this month and have a balance of...wait for it...$150!!!!! That's it for me, am calling to cancel today.

Please don't get service from them. They have ridiculous BOGUS charges! Am finding another carrier. I called them out on a few pathetic charges over the months which they quickly withdrew.

But I can't stand them. Did I mention that they made me sign up for GEEK SQUAD. Only my sign up day.

GEEK SQUAD charged me $19.99 for 3 months, I tried to cancel the GEEK SQUAD subscription but they just wouldn't let me "call back later, our systems are down" I call back CenturyLink to tell them to get rid of this virus they brought to me and they said "We have no relationship with GEEK SQUAD, we never made you sign up." I've had nothing but trouble with them.I wish they had Charter here.

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Boise, Idaho, United States #707628

I had the same experience.I tried for months straightening out a billing error.

They would tell me it was fixed. Next bill it would still be on there. Finally i found a woman who knew what she was doing and after 6 months they fixed it. Did they refund me the overage, no.

Worst billing department I have ever dealt with for any utility. Now they've tacked on some BS .99 fee they just made up out of the blue.

Their MBPS speeds are all a bunch of lies too. I pay for 20 mbps, but am lucky to get 12. If you call them they tell you to go to their site which miraculously gives you a reading very close to what you pay for.

This despite three other speed checkers that all say they are wrong.

And yes I connected it with a wire to the router directly.Horrible company.

Boise, Idaho, United States #701165

I had the same problem!9Century Link told me when I signed up that I had to pay a ONE TIME $19.99 "installation charge" because if I had any problems they'd be the ones to help me.

Well four months of $19.99 charges later, they told me they don't have a relationship with Geek Squad and that I must have signed up for that!!! So ridiculous. I called my bank and filed a Reg E dispute on the charges, so anything they've charged in the last 60 days you'll get back. You should do the same.

They'll cancel your debit card and order you a new one with a different number so that Geek Squad/Century Link can't keep charging you.

Century Link is a bunch of dishonest scammers.Good Luck.

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