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However, Century link went far beyond of this statement by breaking law:

1) Humiliation and discrimination

2) Risking someone’s life intentionally: All managers spoken knew that there is a heart issue and due to lack of cell phone reception in the area because of rocks in Sedona AZ, even a WIFI 911 emergency call CAN NOT BE DONE because of Centurylink stubborn and biased decision not to activate the internet signal to house until 3.11.16.

They activated internet signal 3 days later than their due date claiming, the lady who abandoned the house couldn’t get a new address to transfer her service. Ridiculous, haa!

As all parties should see rationally that the monetary aspect was even beyond 2 times service transfer fees or early termination fees. It will be far beyond than all those amounts.

We printed a letter and handled to technician who brought it to his manager. After a short time, manager came to house, they talked to their head quarters, and after 1 minute they hang up our modem’s internet light turned to green from red first time on 3.11.16.

There are 14 CenturyLink jeopardized employees and 4 managers involved in this case. All necessary data already collected and steno typed. Here are their identities:

Started to follow up our order from 2.29.16 up to 3.11.16: Spoken to Dianne (Rep) - Chris (Her manager) - Jessica (Rep) Peter (Tech Support “Pretending not to hear any words however other reps had heard everything”) - Benita (Rep) - Andrew (Rep) - Louis (Rep) - Rick (Customer Appointment Cancellation list Department Rep) Hilda (Financial Department Manager) “She promised we would DEFINITELY get internet connection on 3.8.16 as it was due” we told her If we couldn’t get the connection on 3.8.16, we will take legal action, she told us there would be no need to take legal action since we would have DEFINITELY gotten connection on 3.8.16.

On 3.8.16 Tuesday. - Tommy (Service Appointment Setup Department) - Banish (Tech Support) - Danny (Rep) - Lina (Escalation Department manager (“She promised at 3.8.16, we would DEFINITELY get internet connection, which didn’t happen”) - Alex (Rep) - Evelyn (Rep) - Peter Again deft Tech Support Rep “He played deft with same scenario again, NO hearing????”) - James (Billing “Told us if somebody abandons a house and doesn’t act in timely meter to transfer the account to new address, the new customer who stays in the abandoned house, has right to ask cancellation of the old account.

Siir (West Coast cancellation and retention department who put us around an hour on hold to connect to Escalation Department manager CHRYSTAL who told us that we didn’t have any right to destroy someone else account when we asked cancellation of old account and she promised us our internet signal would be activated by 8pm on 3.9.16. We had NO signal until 3.11.16.

We are also expecting a call by Glen F. Post, III for an apology.


The ordinary guy Glen F. Post, III who can’t obviously manage his firm as clearly seen simply by thousands of 1 star of Consumer Affairs and BBB reviews, didn’t care to give us a call to learn what’s really going on in his company outside his bubble.

Instead he sent another illegally calculated bill with an earlier due date, opposing to his rules he has put on his site, it is a detailed explanation of the previous bill that didn’t have any helpful explanation.

Shortly, He charged $9.99 for CenturyLink “Ease” which he advertise for $4.99 first 2 months and cancellable anytime. We cancelled it on 4.10.16 by Adriana (Cancellation# C40664812) More over he charged twice this “Ease” service on the same bill.

He also calculated the bill illegally starting from 8th of March although we had Internet signal on 11th of March 2016.

He reduced our Internet download speed from 12Mbit to 300Kbit. We believe he did in order to charge more for tech service home visits.

We will upload the bill and our low Internet Speed proof with highlighted explanations on wherever unloadable review site.

Please just simply search CenturyLink on Consumer Affairs and BBB reviews and see thousands of 1 star reviews before purchasing anything from them.

This reviewer shared experience about problems with payment and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Centurylink and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about centurylink internet service at Centurylink was unethical business practice and network speed Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

Also, you can continue reading comments about Centurylink.

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We had internet and home phone. All was good until we turned off phone and get Prism TV, kept internet.

Was forced to buy new modem and rent dvr, which works ok, but billing is horrendus and Customer service is anything but. Lies, waiting, getting nowhere, pass around to 3-5 people in 1 call with promise to fix, but same old BS when bill comes. MN has a lawsuit started, but we are being charged at least 200 dollars more over a 4 month period than we were quoted. Now they say we have to have auto pay to recieve the discounts we were promised which had never been mentioned and I won't give carte blanche access to liars and thieves, so I just pay what I should owe and am looking for a new provider and want to bundle.

Dish was good, never was scammed with them, but they don't seem to have Internet here. CL has resorted to changing my billing date sooner than it should be, taking channels off that we agreed were part of our package.

But we'll cancel and not pay any bogus difference after we send equipment back. My advice is to never start with them in the first place as they honor nothing.

Meridian, Idaho, United States #1200536

Glen Post doesnt give a rats *** about employees he sure doesnt care about you the customer

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