Omaha, Nebraska
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My father passed away last month, when I went to cancel this TV, Internet and change his Phone options, they Told me they had to charge me a Early Termination Fee. Everyone I talked didn't care and they were just reciting their policy.

I told them they were very unprofessional in the policy and they should be ashamed of how they treat people.

Not sure how there services are but with what they just did to me, I would recommend anyone who is looking at them to reconsider. Not for the service just how Unprofessional their Business Ethics are.

Product or Service Mentioned: Centurylink Tv Service.

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Remember, that they can charge all they want, but not much can be done if the bill is not paid. If you open probate, the attorney can take care of the bills.

If you take care of things yourself, I would certainly not pay this bill. What are they going to do to your dad, put a ding on his credit report?

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