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CenturyLink disconnected my service w/out notice

Company CenturyLink
Product / Service Centurylink Bundled Services
Location Austin, Texas
Category Internet
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I've been a CenturyLink customer for 9 months.I bundled my DirecTV and Verizon w/CenturyLink.

My phone service was disconnected for non-payment w/out any notice via email, text or phone call. My bill was due on 2/11/12 and the service disconnect occurred on 3/1 - 18 days after my bill was late. My monthly bills for CenturyLink are over $300 and I've always paid w/in 30 days of the due date. I was told by customer retention that the issue was my fault as they sent a text on 2/14 (three days after the bill was past due?) & on 2/29 stating my services would be disconnected.

He also stated that my billing cycle ended on 2/25 which lead to the automatic disconnect of my services on 3/1. I verified w/Verizon that no texts were received from CenturyLink on either date. Per CenturyLink's "terms and conditions": "If we do not receive payment on or before the date the bill is due, we may disconnect all or part of your services. If this happens, we will notify you in writing before we disconnect your services." I was also charged a broadband reconnection fee of $25 on 3/1 even though my internet services were working all day on 3/1.

The customer retention rep was very quick to contradict me on the texts and was indifferent to the fact that my services were disconnected, w/out written notice, for being 18 days late.

He stated that internet and mobile services are not regulated so service termination w/only a text message is deemed sufficient by CenturyLink and its representatives.I've got 10 pages of text message records from Verizon that refute his adamant claim that TWO texts were sent. 30a1399

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Dec 18, 2013 
You didn't pay by the due date, therefore your services were disconnected. Any company, including Centurylink, has the right to suspend services rendered if you have not paid for those services as you agreed to when you signed up with them. Your are at fault here. A payment due date isn't a suggestion; it's when you are required to have paid the company by.
Reply to CLBrent

Jul 23, 2012 
The SAME thing happened to me and I have a very busy retial/service business. What's more, I paid through the phone and they would stop any pending disconnect orders...NOPE, no such luck. They disconnected EVERYTHING. So embarassing.
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Apr 20, 2012 
They are greedy and don't care about there customers.
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