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Main address: 100 Centurytel Dr 71203-2041 Monroe LA
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  • 3 hours ago
  • Internet
  • 4

Well, I recently set-up an internet connection at my house through CenturyLink. The process has been incredibly frustrating! First the activation date was a week past what was promised and it still showed up on my bill! I had to drive to UPS store to track down my modem, after a week of no modem showing up. They had the wrong address on the modem package. They have the correct address to send... Read more

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  • 5 hours ago
  • Other
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Over All Experiance
  • 3

My opinion of the Better Business Bureau just plummeted after reading the rating they gave Century Links. How much $$$ does it take? On Aug 4 12:15 pm Amber, a Century Link employee, blocked two 3rd party calls from VARTEC (.84) She also deducted (.73) from Service Additions & Changes which is a whole other story from June's bill. Bill total = $65.21. Minus deductions, ($1.57) I paid $63.64.... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
  • Internet
  • West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Internet Connection
  • 17

Only had centurlink for less than one month. Have had servicemen out here 7 times so far internet and TV now out more than they're working, been out now for almost there days and have to wait the 3 days before they'll send someone put again. Never have TV in the evening anymore to watch. Have totally had enough of this company. Have NEVER experienced a company with this kind of awful... Read more

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NOT HAPPY with @centurylink! I kept calling them asking them where the tech was but he NEVER showed up! How unprofessional! I'm going to call on Monday and cancel my service; if they try to make me pay a fee (for service I don't even have) I'm filing a complaint! Add comment

This place is absolutely *** I was on the phone for an hour had to keep calling back because the *** automated system can't understand a *** word of English then when you get transfered to a rep they assume you know how to speak a *** foreign language hire people who speak English and update your automated system that is all Add comment

Their company service varies but overall I know a lot of people that just call in to get free money everything you do is on your bill every month and you get a email every time you do a change people lie too much freeloaders and most of the review s here are lies I can tell.... Add comment

There internet service sucks worst of any provider I have ever had its down almost everyday and speed. Drops off. I have had diverse, Comcast, art DSL and by far century link sucks big time Add comment


  • Sep 11
  • Internet
  • West Valley City, Utah
  • Unprovided Discount
  • 25

Centurylink salesman and the very sheet they gave me with fill out information said I would get a $5 discount per month if I bundled with my Verizon account. I said, "hey, five bucks is five bucks." and called the number and set everything up. 8 months later and many promises, they finally said I will get nothing till my initial promotional offer runs out. One girl saw the issue and gave me a... Read more

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  • Sep 11
  • Internet
  • San Joaquin Hills, California
  • Internet Service Disconnect
  • 16

My service was shut off. I had previously called and informed them of my pay day & tried to make an arrangement, but they refused to work with me and shut me off anyways. So I paid the bill when I got paid the (next day. ) They told me they have 24 hours to restore svc. I said, it only takes a few minutes for you to shut it off though. Needless to say, 24 hours came and went. Along with... Read more

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  • Sep 10
  • Internet
  • Ashburn, Virginia
  • High Service Bills
  • 9

I call EVERY 2-3 mths and its always the same reason. My bill is never the same amount and higher and higher EVERY mth WHY ??? tax raise is what I was told???? They cant raise taxes every mth then lower then backetc. My internet service is always cutting out from day one. They up the watts no problems. After a couple mths it starts doing it again. This last time it cut out 27 times in 5 mins.... Read more

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